The following are a list of repair services that we offer, please bear in mind that we pride ourselves on our workmanship excepting nothing less than 100% quality and customer satisfaction.

24 Hour Emergency Repairs

We specialise in a 24 hour breakdown and boiler repair service, If you are experiencing problems with your boiler not lighting or the pilot light constantly going out then call us for a no obligation quotation to solve your boiler problems.

Boiler Repairs

Your trusty old boiler may have been with you for many years and now it needs some repairs doing to keep it going regularly, or it may be time for its yearly service, either way Blueman plumbing will arrange a convenient time to report on your problems, and repair your current boiler quickly and at an acceptable price, call us today on 0208 6444414

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  • Plumbing Repairs

    Whatever your plumbing emergency, leaking pipes, water or drains call us at Blueman plumbing for high quality expert advice from a local company who will make sure that you are all back to normal quickly and with the minimum fuss.

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  • Repairs to water heaters

    If you have a problem with your water heater it will no doubt cause you inconvenience, it may be a simple problem like repairing a part or a major problem like rusting. Blueman Plumbing are happy to come and report on the problem for you, if its a simple problem , we will get your hot water back on in double quick time or if it’s more serious we will offer you all the options including replacements, to get you back to normal as quickly as possible . Call us today on 0208 6444414

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  • Gledhill PulsaCoil Repairs

    Gledhill Pulsacoil 2000, Pulsacoil III (Pulsacoil 3), and Pulsacoil A Class Repairs.

    Gledhill PulsaCoil water heaters are also reffered to as 'thermal stores', they work in a significantly different way from ordinary hot water cylinders or water heaters. Many heating engineers finding it difficult to undertand specially when it comes to fault finding and repairs.

    We find the Pulsacoils range particularly fun to work with and easy to understand, offering a wide range of diagnostics and repairs.

    We offer a repair service for a comprehensive range of Gledhill appliances, fast efficient repair for your Gledhill appliance including all parts

    For more details of Gledhill's product range visit:- - Gledhill Building Products manufactures both vented and unvented hot water cylinders for domestic, commercial and industrial use.

    Electrical Repairs

    If you have a problem with your heating or hot water, the problem may be an electrical one, if so we are ideally placed in that we are qualified as both Plumbing and Electrical specialists to not only offer advice but to repair you problem on the spot.

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  • Building Repairs

    If your heating system has been caused by damage to your building we can advise on possible remedies, if these are minor we will carry them out ourselves or if not then recommend local companies that can.

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  • Plumbers in Croydon

    If you are experiencing problems with your boiler, maybe the pilot light constantly going out or the thermostat sticking and not turning on the radiators then why not call us to take a look at the problem, it may be a simple fix or a service required or it may be that the boiler is about to expire and you require advice on the different options now available to you.

    Sutton Boiler repairs

    We carry parts for many of the main boiler manufacturers which means less time spent driving around to repair your boiler and more time actually fixing it, call us for a free quotation today.

    Epsom Boiler repairs

    If we are unable to fix your boiler on the spot we will ring around to find the nearest stockist for your Gas boiler manufacturer and hope to have your parts back and in place the same day.

    Plumbers in Sutton

    We are gas safe registered, which means that all our staff are trained and qualified to work on all home heating appliances involving gas and water. You may be a landlord that required safety certificates for your gas boiler, cooker and gas fire in each property, we can arrange a convenient time with your tenants saving you the need to arrange a visit yourself.