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The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Gas Heating Units

If you are looking for a plumbing company in North Cheam, you are in luck, as there are now a number of service providers located in area. Most plumbing services will be able to offer you a number of services, ranging from boiler maintenance to fitting new electric showers into bathrooms and wet rooms. An experienced plumber will almost certainly have the skills necessary to fit one of the latest GSX electric showers into your bathroom. One of these incredibly powerful and reliable units will only take a few hours to install and will give you years of uninterrupted pleasurable hot showers.

Plumbing Services

A professional plumbing contractor can offer you a number of services. Some of the most commonly used in the domestic sector, include:

  1. Boiler maintenance
  2. Boiler power flushing
  3. Radiator replacement and maintenance
  4. Gas fire installation and servicing
  5. Electric boiler maintenance
  6. Bathroom services
  7. Kitchen installation services

Most reputable plumbing companies will be able to give you a free no obligation quote before commencing any kind of work.

Shower Installations

Nearly all plumbing firms will have the experience necessary to install modern electric showers into bathrooms and wet rooms. Most experienced providers will even be able to fit top of the range GSX electric showers and other similar devices. An experienced plumbing engineer can install these types of showers in only a matter of one working day. Once installed, a top shelf unit will give you years of luxurious hot showers.

Power Flushing

Power flushing is used to clean you entire central heating system. A dedicated plumbing service will have a power-flushing unit that they will attach to your main valve. Once connected, the plumbers will start the flushing procedure to remove any build-ups of grime or other impediments that may have found their way into your heating system. The power flusher drives water at high velocity through your system at low pressure. This combination of high velocity and low pressure ensures that the system is thoroughly cleaned without causing any damage.

Gas Fire Servicing

Gas fires need to be regularly serviced to keep them operating at their optimum efficiency as well as to make sure that they are safe. A full servicing will include:

  • Inspection of burners and catalysts
  • Cleaning of burner pies and units
  • Check ventilation
  • Clean in-line restrictor pilot assembly
  • Test setting pressures
  • Full appliance re-set safety check

If you have a gas fire in your home that has not been serviced for some time, it may be a very good idea to contact your local plumbing service provider. Most charge incredibly affordable rates and can even work by the hour.

Plumbing Services

Most established plumbing service providers now have websites located on the World Wide Web. On a plumbing company website, you will find detailed lists of all of their dedicated services. Along with their service lists, you will see corresponding price lists to give you a very clear idea of how much each individual job will cost.

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